Competitive STEPS (Women's)

Women's Competitive Gymnastics WAGAt Waitakere Gymnastics, we have a WAG (Women's Artistic Gymnastics) Competitive Squad. Gymnasts are selected by coaches to join the competitive squad as 'invitation only'

Typically, gymnasts are tested and graded into a relevant STEP based on their skill level.

Gymnasts work through a series of STEPS (1-10) training over the summer months and competing March - July at local, regional and on occasion national competitions either as an individual and in some cases, a team.

Class times vary depending on the skill and level. Early STEPS may train twice a week, whereas some of the more senior STEPS are in excess of 15+ hours. Training for STEPS requires commitment by both the child and parents.

Gymnasts are expected to be punctual, have an excellent attendance for classes and are required to train in leotards & active wear.

Over the competitive season, parents can expect to pay entry fees for their child to compete at competitions. Fees can range between $40 - $60 per competition. Typically gymnasts will compete in around six competitions over the season. One or two may be 'away' comps at locations such as Whangarei, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua or Christchurch. Gymnasts who qualify may compete at National level. Nationals are held in a different location around New Zealand each year. Gymnasts are also required to wear a competitive club leotard and a club tracksuit to all competitions.

The cost of competitive classes ranges upwards from $165.00 per term depending on the Step/Level and the amount of training required. An affiliation fee of $20.00 is also charged separately.

If you would like to see if WAG STEPS would suit your child, please contactthe office at the Club and arrange a time for your child to be assessed. Typically though, girls must be currently attending gym fun/rec classes at the gym to be considered for WAG levels.


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