Rec Comp Level 2 / 7+ Years

Recreational Competitive Gymnastics Level 2 is for 7+years and are good for those girls who love gymnastics and want to compete at Auckland based competitions.

There are 6 levels of competitive classes - Gym For All levels 1-6. Rec Comp classes are structured as follows: 

  • Rec Comp Level 1&2: 1.5hrs per week 
  • Rec Comp Level 3&4: 2hrs per week 
  • Rec Comp Level 5&6: 4hrs per week

Gymnasts learn skills and work on flexibility over the summer months and leading up to the competitive season, they learn routines and practice them. During the competitive season over the Winter months, girls compete at local competitions.

Our Recreation Competition classes are by invite or trial ONLY.

Management and coaches will highlight gymnasts suitable for this class and will send an invite to parents. If you want to find out more, please contact the manager, Kristy, on (09) 827 5394 or

  • Cost is $196 (including $10 affiliation fee) per term. 
  • Rec comp Level 2 is for 7+ year old girls who love gymnastics and want to compete at Auckland based competitions. 
  • Classes are Wednesday 4:00pm - 5:30pm (1.5 hours per week)