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Beginner Girls 7-10 years



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Recreational Gymnastics is for 7 years + and is a follow on class from the Gym Fun class (5-7 years).  Recreational classes are for children who would like to develop their gymnastic skills while working on strength and flexibility. Classes are fun, challenging and include instruction on all gymnastics apparatus. Coaches will decide which class should best suit your child based on skill and ability.

There are 3 types of recreational gymnastics classes - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes. Coaches will move gymnasts into the Intermediate and Advanced classes based on skill levels and experience.  

Please note it is normal for a beginner gymnast to take 2-4 terms to develop the skills required to  transition to a higher class. Gymnasts are assessed by coaching staff prior to acceptance into Intermediate and Advanced classes.  Current gymnasts are assessed towards the end of each term and gymnasts are notified prior to the start of term if they are able to move up classes.  New members will be assessed by a coach prior to joining the class. 

Beginner Girls classes are 90 minute classes and are $183 per term. A Gymnastics NZ affiliation fee of $8.00 per term is included in the above fee.  Badge Testing during Terms 2 and 4 an additional $7.50 per term.