Schools' Programmes

Schools' Programme

Waitakere Gymnastics offers a 'Schools' programme which can be one of the following three types:

  • In-gymnasium schools programme
  • In-school schools' programme moveMprove programme
  • moveMprove

In-gymnasium schools programme

Local primary & intermediate schools can rent our space and coaches to provide a session aimed at introducing children ages 5-12 years to fundamental movement, balance and co-ordination, introduction to gymnastics equipment, all in a safe gym environment.
  • Kids build confidence, enjoy a fun experience and learn a bit about the sport of gymnastics
  • The schools' programme typically runs over Term 2 and Term 3. 
  • We offer a 90 minute ‘Gym Fun’ gymnastics session at our gymnasium in Portage Road, for year 0 to 6 students.
  • The gym is fully equipped with professional gymnastics equipment and offers plenty of variety for all sessions.
  • Each session includes a warm-up and stretch, followed by a circuits of ten activities rotation around trampolines, rope swing, balance beams, vault, bars, floor, rings and foam pit.
  • Circuits can be tailored to meet any specific needs of the school.
  • For each session two coaches are provided, and the school must provide at least one adult (e.g. parent, teacher or teacher aide) per eight to ten students to supervise circuits.
  • We take up to 100 kids per session.
  • Age group is 5 - 12 years
  • Cost is $4.50 + GST per student, per session
  • Each session can accommodate up to 100 students, so depending on numbers, more than one session per day can be run.


2. In-School Gymnastics Classes

Waitakere Gymnastics can provide gymnastics-specific classes at your school, customised to suit your needs. Our in-school program is based on the GymSports New Zealand Kiwi GymFun program. Kiwi GymFun offers an easy and proven entry into the world of gymnastics. It is a fun-filled, action packed and sound gymnastic programme.

The programme responds to children’s needs, learning and play preferences, by promoting enjoyable sporting experiences, by de-emphasising competition, and by encouraging participation and skill development in a wide range of sports, it aims to establish a sound foundation for activity throughout life.

Kiwi GymFun offers enjoyment, challenges and satisfying participation to all children through:

  • Fun action-packed activities
  • Development of body management and body awareness
  • Learning of movement patterns which can be transferred to all sports
  • Learning at children’s own pace in non-competitive, non-threatening, coeducational sessions
  • We can design a program specific to your schools’ requirements based on 45 minute sessions catering for 15-30 students per session.
  • For each session we provide two coaches and our portable equipment, the school provides teacher assistance and the use of any school gymnastics equipment.
  • Session costs are approximately $4.50 plus GST per student, however price can be negotiated depending on number of students and how many sessions etc.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


 3. moveMprove® 

The moveMprove® programme was developed by Gymsports NZ, and focuses on developing the seven fundamental movement skills required for all movement, dance, sport and martial arts.

The aim of the programme is to give all Kiwi kids the opportunity to develop the necessary skill sets which will assist them to realise their potential in sport and recreation.

 The programme develops a base competency in movement, which enables children to move on and participate effectively in their chosen area of physical activity. Additionally, students will benefit from the health and education outcomes.

 The programme is written to incorporate through the lessons the five key competencies of the NZ Curriculum: Thinking, Using Language, Symbols and Texts, Managing Self, Relating to Others, and Participating and Contributing. For more information about the moveMprove® programme, see the Gymsports NZ YouTube video (moveMprove - what is it all about?).

 MoveMprove® sessions are usually run weekly on a particular day (or days) of the week, and sessions are usually 45 minutes long (but can be customised to suit), catering for 15 to 30 students per session. For each session we provide two coaches and our portable equipment, and the school provides teacher assistance and the use of any school gymnastics equipment. We also provide teacher PD and lesson outlines to the school. Additional helpers (teacher aides, parents, grandparents, senior students) are always welcome!

Waitakere Gymnastics can offer schools six to eight moveMprove® sessions per student, at a cost of $4.50 (+ GST) per student per session. The first session is a complimentary 30 minute introductory session provided by Gymsports NZ.

Our Mission Statement

Waitakere Gymnastics is committed to the development, success and promotion of gymsports to the community.

 Dream * Believe * Achieve

Waitakere Gymnastics club is pleased to offer comprehensive and well-organised gymnastics programmes for children and adults of any ability. This Club focuses keenly on gymnastics skills, with a balance of fun, challenge and progress. This club offers Pre-School, Recreational, Levels Competitive and Adult gymnastics classes. Every achievement of every gymnast is highly valued at Waitakere Gymnastics Club.

Waitakere Gymnastics Club has a warm and friendly environment. We aim for high standards in every aspect of Club operations; the equipment is of the best quality, our coaches are qualified and regularly given the opportunity to upgrade their qualifications. The facility is maintained to a high standard, the Gym is kept clean, and Committee is dedicated and our parent support is marvellous.

Our coaches are qualified, enthusiastic and work very hard to ensure progress is made by each gymnast at any level of participation. All coaches’ train the gymnasts adhering strictly to the guidelines stated in the Waitakere Code of Conduct.

Management of the Club

The Club is an Incorporated Society governed by the Waitakere Gymnastics Committee. This group manages the finance, maintenance and fundraising aspects of the club.

The Club Manager manages the day to day running of the gym staff and all programs on offer.

The office is run by our Office Administrator, Louise Wallace. Availability and fee enquires can be directed to her via the club phone number or e-mail.

Yvette Bateson is our Schools Team Leader, Yvette can design a program for each school based on individual requirements either in-house or on site at school.

Waitakere Gymnastics is an affiliated club of GymSports New Zealand, delivering GymSports gymnastics programs. All our coaching staff actively participate in the GymSports Coach Education program for the continued development of coach abilities.

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